Depending on the size of garden, with your help, this can usually be achieved on the day, for the price of a consultation.
What you need to do:
    1.    Measure your garden, drawing a rough layout of the area; giving the measurements of garden beds/paths and existing features you want to keep including trees, sheds, ponds/water features and paved areas. Use a 1.100 scale. This means 1cm on the paper = 1m on the ground.
    2.    ibotanical will then help you fill in the blanks, with portfolios, pictures and ideas to help you to visualise the possibilities for your garden.
Fee: Our design consultation fee is $110 (incl GST) 1 hour minimum, payable at the time of consultation. A travelling fee may apply depending on location.
LEVEL 3 - Prelude to full scale design.
You may have just built a house and need the garden designed for you. Or you may feel that it is time for a comprehensive makeover for your existing garden. You need a full garden design.
PLEASE CLICK here for more info Full design process.
LIVE OUTSIDE Victoria? We also offer a Remote Garden Consultation service. How does this worK? Contact us for more info!
What happens after the design has been implemented or after you've had a garden consultation? If you have any garden related concerns or questions, the team at ibotanical are only too happy to assist via phone or email. This is a complimentary service.
Note: A follow up consultation is required for lengthy enquiries.