design iconHow the design process works

On-site consultation
If you contact ibotanical Gardens with a view to commissioning a design, we will meet you on site to review the options for your new garden. At the consultation, we will discuss your ideas, providing initial feedback and guidance, and try to establish a brief for the design work. After the meeting we will send you a write-up of the consultation, a summary of our own thoughts, together with a breakdown of costs and fees. If you wish to proceed, the documents will be used to form a contract for the design work.
Site survey and analysis
Before any more detailed design work can commence, the site will need to be surveyed, the soil tested and a record made of all relevant site features and constraints.
Design concepts, sketches and detailed design plan
Armed with all the relevant data, we can commence the conceptual design stage. Usually this culminates in one or more sketches of an idea being sent to you for your early reactions. Once the basic concept has been agreed, a fully detailed scale plan of the design is worked up and submitted to you for approval.
Technical details, setting-out drawings and full written specification
With the scale plan in place, all necessary technical specifications and drawings for any built structures will be completed, together with the setting-out details for landscape contractors.
Planting design
Although structural planting will be indicated on the detailed plan, a complete planting plan and schedule of all the plants to be used in the design will be drawn up ready for submission to nurseries. ibotanical Gardens is happy to source and supply all your plants if you wish.
Project Monitoring
To ensure that the garden is built and planted to the precise design and quality of our specifications we are happy to monitor the project, signing it off once it is satisfactorily completed.